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You may never experience the magic of the live event, but don’t despair. You can still see it on YouTube. Our first video issue, Mnemosyne Slumber Party, is formatted as a YouTube playlist which you can find by clicking the image below.

 YouTube video playlist of Mnemosyne Slumber Party live event.

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You will hear readings and see art from:


Barbara Burghart-Perreault is an award-winning graphic artist, photographer, and writer. She is currently working on a book of memoir incorporating personal essays, photographs, drawings, poetry and a lifetime of

Andrew Haskins is the San Francisco-based educator, sculptor, writer and scientist who dreamed up Mnemosyne. He has studied the philosophy, psychology and neuroscience of the mind for more than a decade and holds degrees in Psychology and Cognitive Science.

Paula Hendricks, author of September in Corrales and co-author of two books on sustainable building, loves books, b/w photography, book design and managing her building in the Tenderloin Heights.

Christy Kovacs, an Oakland-based artist, cuts large photographs into thin strips and weaves them together, combining varied imagery: aerial photography, computer circuit boards, car engine tubing, and plant-life.

Kristen La Marca is a dedicated lucid dreamer, artist, writer, and clinical psychology student. She is deeply inspired by the potential of lucid dreaming for evolving human consciousness and spirit.
(via Skype)

Damon McLaughlin is the author of the poetry collections, Exchanging Lives and Olduvai Theory. He plays with the rock band Red Star Rebellion and blogs at
(via Skype)

Helen Noakes, Senior Editor of Mnemosyne, is a playwright, novelist, and columnist. She writes an on-line op-ed column, Waking Point. Part of a writer’s group at the Mechanics’ Institute Library, she is also a member of The Dramatists Guild, Theatre Bay Area, and Playwrights of Promise.

Roger Sosakete Perkins is a Mohawk Bear Clan artist from Akwesasne, New York. Sosakete’s art is an all-encompassing journey of the integration of humans and nature, spirit and the supernatural.

Georgette Silva is a sculptor and wood worker. She lives in the Bay Area and draws inspiration from her surroundings.

Visit Silva Studio,

Jon Sindell is a personal tutor of English and history. His novel comes out in e-book this spring; his stories appear at Jon Sindell Fiction.

Charles Sullivan has enjoyed living and writing in various parts of the world. Next to California, he likes New Mexico best. His collection of poetry, Santa Fe Voices, will be published later this year.

Carol Verburg is a novelist, editor, playwright, and director. Her most recent book, Silent Night Violent Night: a Cory Goodwin Mystery, takes place in the dream-filled (if not soporific) world of science publishing. It can be found at

2 Responses to Slumber Party

  1. Suzanne Roth says:

    It sounds very interesting, Jon. I would like to see your book, when it comes out.

    Sister-in-law, Sue

  2. Jon Sindell says:

    Thanks Sue! I know Oregon’s a bit of a reach, but you’ll be able to see the entire reading on the magazine’s YouTube channel. The book should be out in March. Big hug, Jon

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