Nonfiction submission guidelines


Please read our general submission guidelines before you submit any content.

Your work must be submitted in plain text, MS Word, or Open Office Writer format. Work submitted in other formats will not be reviewed.

You may include up to two related articles in the same submission. The face article is what readers will see as they “page through” the magazine. The optional meat article is a more extensive discussion.

You must submit a face article (800-1500 words). This article appears in the layout of the magazine and in the table of contents. It should be addressed to a moderately well-educated lay audience (think college freshmen). It should be catchy and entertaining as well as informative. It should be as technical as necessary to communicate the idea, but no more so; explain any technical stuff.

You may also submit a meat article. This is optional. If you have an idea associated with the face article that you’d like to explore more extensively, you can do it here. This article is hyperlinked to the face article. You can host it on our site, or on your own if you want to drive traffic to your site. The length is flexible, but 5000-6000 words is a reasonable cap. Don’t ramble on, but use however many words you need to tell the story you have to tell.

Acceptance of one article does not guarantee acceptance of the accompanying article, so write them both well. We will read the face article first and if it doesn’t work for us it’s unlikely that we’ll even look at the longer piece.

In many issues we will feature one or two longer articles in the main layout of the magazine. If your meat article is selected as a feature, the face article will be omitted.

The Mnemosyne writers’ workshop offers a forum where you can share your work-in-progress with the editors and with other contributors. You don’t need to participate in the workshop, but if your writing has become sterilized from writing too many journal articles, it’s a good opportunity to (re)develop your narrative voice. If you wish to participate in the workshop, submit a project proposal as soon as possible.

While we urge you to submit a project proposal before you begin work on your article(s), if your work is already complete and you wish to roll the dice you may email your completed work to the editor at:

Please include a brief description of the article(s) in the body of the email.