About the Mnemosyne Workshop


One of the goals of Mnemo Press is to help scientists who study the mind to develop the skills they need to share their ideas with the public. The principal vehicle for this assistance is the free Mnemosyne Workshop. By posting articles-in-progress in the workshop, authors can benefit from feedback from the editors of Mnemosyne, as well as from other contributors to the magazine. This feedback can help you to develop the narrative voice necessary to communicate with a non-technical reader. We can’t promise you’ll become the next Oliver Sacks or Carl Sagan, but we will try to nudge you in the right direction.

Doctor Giacomo Vivanti has generously volunteered to act as the “poster child” for what we hope to offer. His work exemplifies the transformation we seek: the evolution of an excellent technical writer into an excellent popular writer. See Dr. Vivanti’s first draft, and then compare it with his finished article. The editors at Mnemosyne take no credit for the quality of the finished article; the credit goes entirely to Dr. Vivanti. Our role was simply to guide him, to make suggestions and to point out where he might not be speaking to this (unfamiliar) audience. We will never rewrite your work (even if you want us to); your words need to be the words that make it to the page.

If you are interested in developing an article for Mnemosyne, please submit a project proposal. If your proposal interests us, we will extend an invitation to the workshop.



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