Fiction submission guidelines


Please read our general submission guidelines before you submit any content.

Your work must be submitted in plain text, MS Word, or Open Office Writer format. Work submitted in other formats will not be reviewed.

Each work must be submitted separately. If you have a great short story, two poems and an essay, that’s four separate submissions (and you’ll need to see the nonfiction guidelines for the essay).

Short fiction submissions should be no more than 5000 words. If you wish to publish a longer work, please submit a project proposal and we will consider it. Please note that acceptance of a project proposal does not guarantee acceptance of a finished story.

The Mnemosyne writers’ workshop offers a forum where you can share your work-in-progress with the editors and with other contributors. If you wish to participate in the workshop, submit a project proposal as soon as possible.

While we urge you to submit a proposal before you begin work on your article(s), if your work is already complete and you wish to roll the dice you may email your completed work to the editor at:

Please include a brief description of the story in the body of the email.