Art submission guidelines


Please read our general submission guidelines before you submit any content.

Multiple works of art must be sent as separate submissions.

We have different guidelines for different art forms. Please read the section pertaining to your submission carefully. We will not publish submissions that do not meet the guidelines.

You must submit a project proposal before you can submit your art. Please include a brief description of the work, and why you think it fits into the Mnemosyne theme. We realize that visual art and music often cannot be captured in words, and that artists and musicians are not writers. We won’t judge you on the eloquence of your proposal. We just want to know: what type of art is it (sculpture, photo, etc.); what medium (marble, wood, acrylic, jello, etc.); and why you believe it would be a good fit with the themes of our magazine. We realize that this last point is subjective; just give us your honest opinion.

Your proposal should also include duration, format and file size if your work is audio, video or rich media.

We will review the proposal and if we feel that it might be a good fit, we will provide you with upload instructions so that you may submit a sample of the work. We will evaluate the sample and if it is accepted for publication we will send you an link to upload the full submission.

Note that the guidelines listed below are for final, accepted submissions. You will recieve an upload link on acceptance of your sample submission. Do not email these submissions to the editor; they will be rejected.

Images of 2D art: PNG format; maximum width 1200 pixels; maximum height 1200 pixels; maximum file size 4MB

Images of 3D art: You may submit up to 20 images. The editors will select which of these images to use in the magazine. Each image must be of a different view of the work. All images must be consistent with regard to background, lighting, resolution and image dimensions. Each image must conform to the size requirements described for 2D images. You may indicate which image you wish to present as a thumbnail in the table of contents, or you may include an animated GIF image which shows multiple views. The editors reserve the right to select a different image for the table of contents.

Video: TBD (contact editor, below)

Audio: MP3 format; maximum duration and file size TBD (contact editor, below)

Rich media: games, dynamic/interactive works: We prefer that you use an open-source format such as Java, Javascript, or HTML5/CSS3, but we will also accept submissions in Adobe Flash format. We will not accept applications which require server-side computation, e.g.: php, perl. In order to protect our readers, compiled projects like Java must be submitted as well-commented source code. We will compile.

You must have uploaded your sample by the deadline specified in the general submission guidelines. You should submit a project proposal at least a week before this date, in order to get a response in time to submit your sample by deadline. We will process proposals as they are received and, no matter when you submit, we cannot guarantee we will get to yours. Earlier is better.

You must be prepared to upload the full submission immediately if your work is selected for publication. Have the final submission ready to go before you submit your sample. Even superior quality artworks will be rejected if the final submission is delivered in poor “packaging,” e.g.: poor-quality photography of a painting or sculpture; poor-quality recording or encoding of a video or musical work; etc. Remember the guidelines listed above for format and file size.

If you have any questions, please contact the editor: