Selections from the collection, Santa Fe Voices, by Charles Sullivan

Sitting on the Sidewalk

It’s not you

I’m listening to,

I hear voices

from a better time

Aspen Reflection (2010). Painting by Lisa Feather Knee.

Aspen Reflection (2010) Lisa Feather Knee

and place, but

I can tell what

you’re saying

by the look

on your face,

I can read you

like a book

that people wouldn’t buy

if you paid them.



I used to be so ashamed

of my secret thoughts.


I’d whisper them in those ruins

at the south edge of the mesa,

where the dead couldn’t hear

my revelations.


Now I’m happy to be out walking

the streets of this town or any town

with living people in it, morning

noon or night, telling what little I know

and much I’m not sure of, to anyone

who’ll listen.


3 Responses to Santa Fe Voices

  1. Charles, Very nice! Patrick

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Patrick. I want to let each “voice” determine its own poetic form.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Patrick. I let the form of each poem emerge from the mood and the language used to express it. Someday I’ll try my hand a tanka, as you’ve done.