Sculpture by Andrew Logan Haskins

I’ve been so busy getting my sculptures ready for the show (at Fort Mason, Building B, Friday November 30 through Sunday December 2) that I haven’t had a chance to build the sculpture galleries. Here’s some pretty pictures for now, linked to posts describing the work. I’ll have a proper gallery posted by Saturday evening.

oblique view of Nocturne

Nocturne (2011)
Silver Cloud alabaster

Seven Hills of Muni, #1: Russian Hill. (2011) Steel sculpture by Andrew Logan Haskins

Seven Hills of Muni #1: Russian Hill (2011)

2 views of Echo (2011). Sculpture in green chlorite schist by Andrew Logan Haskins

Echo (2011)
chlorite schist

Mavericks (2011)
Picasso marble

Hero (2011)
Carrara marble


Anadyomene (in progress)
Salome marble; salmon alabaster; foraminiferal limestone; steel


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