Haskins Consulting

Andy Haskins is a researcher, educator and artist living and working in San Francisco. After completing degrees in cognitive science and psychology, Andy turned his attention away from academia and toward using technology to empower artists and writers in the “post-Publisher” age. He draws on years of training as an academic researcher in order to offer general research services to self-published authors and others, and he uses his expertise in human learning and memory, and his extensive experience as an educator, to develop customized training programs on a wide variety of subjects. He has instructed individuals, small groups, and lecture halls, in topics ranging from stone sculpting to psychology to website building.

Haskins Consulting is proud to present a new seminar:

Get Your Blog On!
Setting up and maintaining your own web site…
for the complete novice.

These hands-on seminars are limited to six participants each, so reserve your spot now.