12/02/12 Update! Echo has been sold!

This sculpture was an attempt to interpret an object which can only be properly represented in four dimensions: the Klein bottle. It explores themes of recursion, and memory (the different views present similar, but altered elements, like distorted memories of one another).  Like a Klein bottle, the gross form appears to change as your perspective (in three dimensions) changes. The curves making up the form seem to intersect in different directions as you move around the piece.

Echo (2011)
Green chlorite schist
approx. 35cm x 10cm x 20cm; 10kg

2 views of Echo (2011). Sculpture in green chlorite schist by Andrew Logan Haskins

For more pictures, and more great art and writing, see it in our magazine: Mnemosyne.



Echo will be the subject of an upcoming post, detailing every step of the process of turning this…




…into this.

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