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Paula Hendricks

Paula Hendricks, author and photographer of September in Corrales and co-author (and photographer) of Timber Reduced Energy Efficient Homes and The Tire House Book, is an author, writer, journalist, blogger, b+w photographer, typographer, and book designer. Paula loves books and the written word. She is an avid reader.

Born and raised in northern California, Paula made a life in New York City and became a successful advertising exec. After living in New Mexico for more than ten years and learning about being a writer and an artist, in 1999 she retuned to California and now lives in San Francisco.

In addition to the three books she has authored, Paula has contributed to anthologies, written hundreds of articles, blogs, podcasts, and other editorial content on a wide range of topics from women and business, urban life, the state of our union, to technology and the built environment. She is also an award winning photographer.

Beyond writing, Paula has worked in advertising, run a warehouse, built online businesses, and founded an artist-owned gallery. She now manages a residential apartment building in the Tenderloin Heights in San Francisco while writing and designing books.

"My art reveals to me the world I see internally, often unconsciously. I am interested in desire and longing; what has been lost, left behind; what is just out of reach, out of frame, nearby; what is right in front of my face, but not seen clearly until I create the artistic image. I love discovering the mystery in the everyday."

Often called upon to speak at or coordinate author/publisher events, Paula has created or participated in events at Litquake, the San Francisco Writers Conference, the BAIPA Get Published Institute, the Mechanics Institute Library, and the Commonwealth Club.

Paula is a past president of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, a Veriditas-trained labyrinth facilitator at Grace Cathedral, a panelist on The Job Forum, and a new member of the thriving author/ publisher community at the Mechanics Institute Library.

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