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Andrew Haskins

Andrew Logan Haskins
Founder, Mnemo Press
Editor-in-Chief, Mnemosyne magazine

Andrew is a writer, sculptor, educator and renegade cognitive scientist living in San Francisco. He founded Mnemo Press and Mnemosyne magazine in order to provide a virtual community where artists and scientists who share his fascination with the mind can discuss and develop their work, and where readers who share this fascination can find it.

Helen Noakes

Helen Noakes
Senior Editor,
Mnemosyne magazine

Helen is a playwright, novelist, writer, art historian, linguist, mythologist, empowerment teacher and Traditional Reiki Master, who was brought up in and derives richness from several of the world's great traditions and philosophies. Helen believes that writing should engage and entertain, but also inform and inspire. She also believes that because the human race expresses itself in words, it is words, in the end, that will show us how very similar we are and how foolish it is to think otherwise.

Paula Hendricks

Paula Hendricks
Consulting Editor in Design, Mnemosyne magazine

Paula is the author and photographer of September in Corrales and co-author (and photographer) of Timber Reduced Energy Efficient Homes and The Tire House Book, as well as hundreds of articles, blog posts, and other content. She is interested in desire and longing; what has been lost, left behind; what is just out of reach, out of frame, nearby; what is right in front of her face, but not seen clearly until she creates the artistic image. She loves discovering the mystery in the everyday.

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